Kief 101 – 6 Awesome Ways To Consume The Magical Powder

Supposedly, the heat and compression from walking around for just an hour or two forms the kief into hash. Dry sift Dry sift can be another term to describe kief because the dry trichomes sift to the bottom of a grinder. But it more typically denotes the process of collecting large amounts of kief in commercial cannabis operations.

Does kief get you higher than bud? Gram for gram, yes, though it depends on the strain and consumption method. Since kief is concentrated trichomes, it’s inherently more potent than bud of the same strain. That’s one reason some consumers prefer to use small amounts of kief to boost the potency of other forms of cannabis, rather than just consuming kief itself.

If you already grind flower to vape or smoke, you’ve got kief on hand. And because it’s concentrated trichomes, it’s more potent than the flower it fell off of. It only makes sense to harness the sticky resin and use it somehow. Is kief illegal? If you live in an area where cannabis is illegal, yes.

It doesn’t require expensive extraction equipment like some other concentrates, so it’s easy to collect kief yourself at home. You can consume kief in several lung-friendly ways, such as using it in a vape pen or adding it to edibles, that avoid the dangers and toxins of combustion. Three-Chamber Grinder While there are several methods you can use to collect kief, the easiest way to do it on your own is to use a three-chamber herb grinder when breaking down your marijuana.

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Screen Method To collect larger amounts of kief from your cannabis, all you need is a silk screen like those used in t-shirt printing. These can be found at most art supply stores. These screens are rated by LPI (lines per inch). To sift cannabis flower to collect its kief, you will want a screen between 80 and 270 LPI.

Once you’ve collected your cannabis kief, there are several ways that it can be consumed. The high concentrations of cannabinoids must be exposed to heat to become active and produce a mind-altering effect. Here are some common, popular ways to use kief: Kief can be smoked by itself out of most smoking hardware like a glass pipe.

Try to get all your kief together in a pile so that it fuses together completely. Then press the parchment paper with a hair flat iron or clothes iron, being careful not to overheat the hash or parchment paper. Because the process to make kief hash bursts the oil-filled glands, hash is usually darker and stickier than kief.

For one, because of its potency and purity, it reduces the need to inhale charred plant material into your lungs. Like any type of smoking, this activity can be bad for your body, especially over time. Consuming concentrated products allows you to more precisely isolate cannabinoids without having to inhale the rest of the burning plant matter along with it.

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What is kief and how can you use it?

Are Kief And Hash The Same Thing? Kief is a collection of trichomes that have been separated from the cannabis sativa plant, appearing as a dusty or sandy dry substance ranging in color from light green to dark brown. Hash is the term for a mass of kief which has been heated and compressed for ease of use, transport or storage.

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Cannabinoid and terpene concentrations within hash will vary based on the collection methods, some of which are described below. Ways To Extract Kief Kief can be fairly pricey to purchase from a distributor. Fortunately, there are easy ways to extract it from cannabis flowers, some require little experience or equipment while others are suited for more industrial production.

The lighter the colour, the purer it is. The colour can change during the extraction process; in some cases, the initial stages of the extraction yield a purer product. This is why it’s recommended to do extraction in phases so that the purer concentrate doesn’t become tainted with products containing higher quantities of plant material.

Cannabis Grinder This method is so simple, you’ve likely already been extracting kief without even knowing it. Many typical hand-held grinders come with three chambers, which naturally filter weed as you grind bud for joints or other purposes. By the time the plant material reaches the bottom chamber, all that’s left are pure crystals.

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Hotter temperatures will make the resin too sticky to pass through the filter. How To Use Kief There are many ways to use kief, so don’t be afraid to get creative! It can be a great addition to a variety of foods, beverages or other cannabis consumption methods, providing an extra boost of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Add To Joint Sprinkling a little bit of kief into a regular joint is one way to seriously boost the THC content. A little will likely go a long way, especially for those who are occasional smokers. Another more adventurous way to add it to joints is to wet the outside of a rolled spliff and coat the paper with kief.

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There are many ways to turn kief into a hash, but the basic ingredients are heat and pressure. The easiest is finger hash: take a bit of kief between your finger and thumb, and roll for a few minutes. The result will be a darkened, malleable bit of hash. Another simple method involves collecting kief into a pile, covering it with paper and running a warmed rolling pin over it, or a mason jar filled with hot water.