Purple Urkle Seeds Feminized Growing Tips

If you’re in search of a high-yielding, Indica-dominant cannabis plant that requires minimal pruning and low care, look no further. Purple Urkle Feminized is the perfect choice. This native to California is known for its earthy grape aromas and heavy-hitting effects. Learn how to grow this Indica-dominant hybrid to get the most from your indoor grow space.

High yielding

The high yielding variety of Purple Urkle, also known as Purple kush, can be grown in either a greenhouse or an indoor grow system. Due to its shorter flowering period, it is ideal for cultivation indoors. Indoor growers can manipulate the humidity levels and light schedules to encourage long spurts of warm weather. Indoor growers can implement a full-day light schedule of 18/6 or 24 hours during veg and switch to a 12/12-hour light cycle during flowering. Harvesting will start the second or third week of October in the Northern Hemisphere.

In a greenhouse, a Purple Urkle feminized plant will complete the flowering process in eight weeks or less. Outside, the plant requires a complete darkness cycle for 12 hours a day to achieve flowering. Once it finishes the flowering phase, it will finish blooming in late October, during the Northern Hemisphere. A classic Purple Urkle fem strain will reward experienced cannabis gardeners with excellent yields.

Purple Urkle is a sweet-smelling berry strain with earthy undertones. Its fruity terpenes lift the mood and bring a punchy, grape-like taste. After smoking this strain, the body will be numb and munchies will likely strike. This feminized marijuana strain can also be a great choice for indoor growing. It has a unique flavor, which is both enjoyable and unique.

Easy to grow

One of the easiest plants to grow from seeds is Purple Urkle. Its flowering time is approximately 6 weeks after planting. Growing Purple Urkle indoors is relatively easy, but you must make sure to monitor the humidity levels of the growing medium and change it regularly. Keep the humidity in the 60-65 range for the duration of flowering. When harvesting the plants, you should wait for at least three weeks before smoking them.

You should buy the easiest kind to grow in your greenhouse. You can grow it in containers, but you will need a little bit of room to accommodate the plants. Purple Urkle seeds are quite expensive. But once you grow them, you will have a great crop that will last for months. It will even help your overall well-being! The easiest way to get the seeds is to look for a strain that has a high medicinal value and is known for being easy to grow.

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It’s important to select a feminized strain if you are growing your plants indoors. Feminized plants bloom within eight weeks. They need a low relative humidity. A 12-hour dark cycle can trigger the flowering process in indoors, but this should be left to nature. Ideally, you’ll be harvesting Purple Urkle seeds around mid-October, which is the start of cooler temperatures in most regions. This plant’s high yields will be worth the effort.

Low pruning

If you are planning to grow Purple Urkle in a pot, you should know that it is very easy to grow. When planted properly, it will germinate in 48 hours when placed on a paper towel. It will reach a height of 120 centimeters when fully mature. Unlike most other marijuana plants, it does not need much vertical space and is a good choice for indoor cultivation. To grow this cannabis plant, you should observe its humidity level, temperature, and light schedule.

The first thing you should know about Purple Urkle is that it will not grow very tall or display prolific branching. However, it can clone well. Moreover, you can grow this plant with a Sea of Green setup. This setup will help you produce heaps of top-shelf weed in a short amount of time. As for the growing tips, Purple Urkle is easy to grow because it doesn’t need a lot of attention, which means that it is perfect for beginners.

When choosing the best location for your plant, be sure to consider the humidity level. Purple Urkle can tolerate high humidity levels, but they should be no higher than 60% when they’re in the vegetative stage. If you’re planning on flowering, you’ll need to increase your feeding regimen, as this flowering stage will require a longer duration of warm weather. Then, you can set up proper ventilation. This will minimize pests and provide adequate CO2 for big growth.


If you’re considering planting some Feminized Purple Urkle seeds, here are some growing tips to make the process a bit easier: Indica-dominant plants prefer a warm environment and low humidity during flowering, and you should consider adjusting your feeding schedule accordingly to ensure proper plant nutrition. As this strain is very picky about its nutrients, it requires a higher concentration during the flowering phase. You can also consider amending your soil with extra nutrients to make growing easier.

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Indica-dominant Purple Urkle seeds bloom into a female plant, which produces succulent buds with high concentrations of trichomes. Feminized Purple Urkle seeds are also great for hash and concentrates. This marijuana strain has classic characteristics of an Indica, with its short stature, sedative effect, and long, rusty-orange pistils. The purple hues and rich aroma of this strain make it a perfect choice for nighttime consumption, though be aware of its potency.

One of the most popular and potent cannabis strains, Purple Urkle is a cult favorite that has been gaining popularity for the last 30 years. This variety offers a powerful indica high that is good for both physical and mental health. During flowering, Purple Urkle produces medium-sized plants with a dense, purple-hued canopy. Those who grow this strain will be happy with the yields it generates: 350-400 grams per square meter and upwards of 1000 grams per plant.


One of the best ways to get more Purple Urkle in your garden is to grow it indoors. This plant can tolerate a shorter flowering time and can be grown in both soil and hydroponics systems. The best way to grow this plant indoors is to use a hydroponics system. It can grow in both soil and water, and the SCROG method can help you get the best results.

This variety is disease-resistant and difficult to kill. Make sure your growing medium is full of organic matter, especially humus, to give your plants the right balance of nutrients. Adding plenty of organic matter is essential for Purple Urkle’s success. A humus-rich loam-based soil should provide plenty of nutrients to grow well. If you don’t have a humus-rich loam soil, it is a good idea to add some.

The SCROG method allows you to maximize your space and yield. It works best with Sativa-dominant strains, which require a longer vegetative period. In contrast, autoflower strains don’t do well with scrogging. This is because their flowering time is too short. But it’s worth a try! There are also some drawbacks to scrogging, so consider the risks and benefits carefully before choosing the method.

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If you want to grow a gorgeous, flowering pot plant, consider using Purple Urkle seeds. These seeds germinate easily on moist paper towels. The plant is delicate, so you need to start it off on tip down before the taproot grows through the paper. Purple Urkle needs a high-humidity environment with lots of air flow and a regular, high-light schedule. Its pH level should be between six and seven.

Purple Urkle is a tough strain that requires a lot of care and attention to nutrient supply. It grows better indoors than outdoors, but it needs a lot of nutrients during flowering. Ideally, growers should use hydroponics, SCROG, or trellis systems. Growing tips for Purple Urkle are provided below. Take note that it will take about eight to nine weeks to flower indoors.

You can grow Purple Urkle in a variety of climates, but it requires a warm, humid environment. The temperature should be around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Purple Urkle seeds grow best indoors, but they can also be grown outdoors in warm climates. A greenhouse is also a good option. If you grow marijuana in soil, you’ll find that it won’t grow as tall. If you’re growing Purple Urkle indoors, however, you can use shortening techniques to get a more compact plant.

Chemical profile

Regardless of your preferred method of growing cannabis, there are some tips and tricks that are essential to the success of your flowering Purple Urkle. Depending on the type of plant you choose, the chemical profile of Purple Urkle seeds can vary from region to region. In general, you should keep a high level of nitrogen and hearty feeding schedule. For flowering, increase your feeding schedule even more. It is recommended that you set up proper ventilation, because Purple Urkle flowers need long spurts of warm weather. Proper ventilation also helps you reduce pests, which in turn provides optimal CO2 for big growth.

While it is easy to obtain information about the chemical profile of Purple Urkle from third-party certifications, there are no definitive results. However, you can find an estimate of the percentage of each chemical compound in each strain by referring to third-party cannabis websites, seed banks, and other marijuana resources. ILGM, Leafly, and Wikileaf have all published information on the chemical profile of Purple Urkle. The level of THC ranged from 0.12% to 0.47%, with CBG averaging 0.22%.