Durban Poison Seeds Feminized Growing Tips

Before starting your Durban Poison seedlings’ grow, make sure that you check for feminization. A feminized seed will have white hairs. If you notice this, it means that your seeds are feminized. Once you have confirmed this, remove the male plants from your grow room. Also, you should monitor for signs of deficiencies. Correcting these early can prevent serious problems later in the growing cycle.

Ideal conditions for growing

Durban Poison Seeds can be grown in nearly any growing environment, including hydro, soil, or an indoor garden. They do best when grown in larger pots with adequate room for their root systems and growing medium. While the plant’s growth can be rapid, feminized Durban Poison Seeds will produce a larger harvest in less time. Listed below are some tips for successful Durban Poison Seeds growing.

Durban Poison is a classic indoor/outdoor marijuana strain that is suited for both northern and southern hemispheres. Its genetics originate from South Africa and were extensively bred in the 70s to thrive in Northern European climates. However, it is difficult to grow Durban Poison indoors without careful height management. While this marijuana strain does well indoors, it can reach a height of up to 3 meters.

Durban Poison is a popular strain that grows fast, reaching a height of three meters or more. Once the plant has grown to its mature height, it can be stutzt or pruned. Despite its rapid growth, the plant responds well to pruning and trimming. Trimming in July will increase yields and decrease overall flowering time. If your growing area is sunny and warm, Durban Poison will produce high-quality plants.


This feminized variety is one of the best-selling weed seeds available. It grows well in a range of humidity and temperature, making it an easy plant to grow. During the flowering stage, Durban Poison seeds produce dense buds with stacked textures and impressive resin production. It is best to harvest the buds when 70% of the white pistils are orange and cloudy. Harvesting the buds too early can result in harmful psychoactive effects.

This strain produces massive, sticky, and XXL plants with long, branchy growth. This strain is highly potent with high THC levels. The yield of Durban Poison Seeds Feminized is above average, but the plant’s vigor can be taxing on the plants. It’s also easy to grow, as feminized seeds can be easily propagated.

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Durban Poison is an all-around super-special plant. Its unique blend of chemicals and genetics fight to balance bodily systems. Moreover, its sativa heritage is helpful for treating anxiety and stress. Its effects are highly uplifting, making it an excellent choice for daytime smoking. In addition to all of these benefits, Durban Poison is also a powerful mood lifter.


Growing Durban Poison photoperiod feminized seeds is easy if you have the right growing conditions. They should grow up to 80cm indoors, and they can be transferred directly to your favorite growing medium once they are germinated. Make sure you space your plants evenly, though, so they don’t intertwine. Otherwise, they may catch diseases that you don’t want to share.

Durban Poison is a Sativa dominant strain that produces a delicious odor and flavor. The spicy taste of this plant has hints of lemon, cloves, and liquorice. It has a large following of repeat growers. The bud density is exceptionally dense, especially for a Sativa, and the plant tends to be very vigorous. While most phenotypes tend to stretch, Durban Poison is known for its strong aroma and sweet taste.

Durban Poison is an excellent daytime strain. Its functional effects promote sociability and creativity. It also gives users an upbeat, energetic vibe. Authentic South African Durban Poison has borderline psychedelic effects and is commonly used in Europe and the U.S. because of its positive effects on creativity and productivity. When growing Durban Poison, make sure to read up on the proper growing tips.

Curing and drying

To start growing Durban Poison Cannabis, you need to feminize the seeds. You can do this by adding CO2 to your growing space. The ideal temperature range for the plant is between 72 and 80 degrees. However, you cannot exceed 95 degrees without increasing the CO2 level. During the vegetative stage, humidity must remain at 65%. During the flowering stage, humidity should be reduced to 30 percent.

Once you have successfully feminized your Durban Poison seeds, you should continue the curing process. To make sure the seeds are fully dried, simply hang them upside down in a room that has the proper humidity and temperature. Then, check on the dried cannabis seeds to ensure they are not too moist. Once the dried cannabis seeds have reached the desired consistency, store them in airtight mason jars and check them regularly. This process should take about two weeks.

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It is possible to use human urine as a growing medium for the Durban Poison plant. In addition to being rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, human urine has the necessary nutrients to help the plant flourish in the vegetative stage. Some growers even add the urine to a growing solution along with the other ingredients. The results can be dramatic: a 30% increase in yield! And since Durban Poison grows in both northern and southern hemispheres, you can experiment with different combinations.

Preparing seeds for germination

To get the best results when starting your Durban Poison cannabis seeds, prepare them by moistening them thoroughly with water. Next, ring out the paper towels. Place them on the seeds, and lift them up to remove any free standing water. Repeat the process two more times, and then place the plates in a warm, dry area. Make sure the paper towels remain moist at all times, or they will dry quickly.

Next, prepare the germination media. Durban Poison grows well in both northern and southern hemispheres and is a good choice for indoor growing because of its long lifespan and ability to adapt to a range of temperature conditions. However, you should avoid placing the germination setup in direct sunlight. This is because day and night temperatures are too extreme, and the light can raise the temperature of the soil, which can cause serious problems.

Durban Poison needs abundant nutrients and regular watering. In general, feminized seeds require weekly watering. Unlike indica plants, durban poison plants are easy to grow indoors, with their short flowering periods. Once established, they can grow to over ten feet tall and harvest during late September or early October. While the flowers are a nuisance, they are extremely tasty and rewarding to eat.


Durban Poison feminized seeds have an interesting history. The strain was discovered near the town of Durban in the early 70s and has since become a cult classic. This sativa-dominant variety is known for its enormous size and soaring head high. Fertilization for Durban Poison Seeds Feminized is not difficult. Follow the instructions below to get started.

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The Durban Poison feminized cannabis plant will reach a height of 10 feet and will double in height when fully mature. In the growing environment, you must fertilize the plant regularly and ensure ample moisture. The harvest should be completed within two weeks as too much moisture can reduce the potency of Durban Poison feminized buds. To control the height, you can use the Screen of Green technique. Top the feminized marijuana plants early to maximize the surface area.

Durban Poison is an exceptional marijuana strain. American breeders have stabilized its genetics so it’s easier to grow. Although it’s not easy to find authentic Durban Poison seeds or clones, these genetics are a great way to begin growing your own Durban Poison. Thankfully, you can find Durban Poison seeds and clones from a handful of companies. So don’t hesitate to order them today if you’re serious about cultivating this strain.

Care of feminized seedlings

The following steps describe the care of feminized Durban Poision Seeds seedlings. The cannabis plant prefers temperatures in the 70s to 80s and grows well in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, it is important to note that Durban Poison can be easily over-fertilized if over-watering and feeding it are not properly done.

The Durban Poison strain is a pure Sativa Landrace cannabis plant that originated in South Africa. It is renowned for producing cannabis with an overwhelming potency level and an uplifting head high. This strain is easy to grow and perfect for beginners. It requires very little pruning. It grows to a tall height but is manageable. You can easily handle it.

The climate of the Durban Poison plant is typically mild and humid, and can grow in temperatures as high as 95 degrees in CO2 enriched environments. However, it is a good idea to periodically vent your growing space to reduce the humidity level. The optimum temperature for Durban Poison is 80 degrees during the flowering stage, and 70 degrees during the day. However, it does well in both hot and cold climates.