A marijuana growing facility is slated to open in the next year on part of the site of the old Shamokin Dam coal power plant. If you are interested in working in this new marijuana production facility, follow the links below. You can apply for a job as a sales consultant, grower, or processor. There are a variety of other positions available at this new facility, so there’s something for everyone.

Cannabis Sales Consultant

The Shamokin Dam marijuana growing facility is looking for a Cannabis Sales Consultant to help increase their business. Mike Evans has a long history in the marijuana industry. He began his career with The Green Solution, a Colorado-based cannabis company. He helped grow the company from four locations to fifteen and eventually became the largest cannabis business in the state. Evans worked his way up from Sales Associate to General Manager, eventually taking responsibility for their second largest retail location. That location consistently served 900-1200 people a day.

Insa is a medical and adult-use marijuana growing facility that is expanding its production facilities. The company is increasing its canopy size from 40,000 square feet to 90,000 square feet. The company will separate the plants into separate harvest batches and flower-based products, which can be sold to medical and adult-use consumers. The company plans to utilize a 3M card scanning system to ensure that the people purchasing the cannabis products are legally permitted to do so.

Medical Marijuana Grower/Processor Permits

The Pennsylvania state health department has issued permit applications for 13 cannabis growers/processors, including two in the town of Shamokin Dam. One of those is Parea BioScience, which plans to build a 50,000-square-foot facility on the site of the former Northwestern Academy. The company plans to start growing medical marijuana in January 2020 and ship product to about 110 dispensaries in Pennsylvania.

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The successful applicants of the medical marijuana growing/processing permit application had to pay a fee of $10K, but they were also required to prove they had $2 million in capital and at least $500,000 in the bank. They had to provide information such as the names of the people behind the operations, the occupations listed on the permit application, and the title that matches their growing/processing operation. This information is publicly available in the state’s database.

The first round of permit applications was approved in May, with four applicants pursuing cultivation. The first applicant, DocHouse, will cultivate marijuana on a former coal mine that was once a residential neighborhood. Another applicant, Agri-Kind, an offshoot of Exton-based Agronomed Pharmaceuticals, will construct its facility on a leveled piece of land. The Illinois-based PharmaCann Penn Plant LLC, which has two other marijuana grower/processor permits, is located at 104 Life Science Drive, Olyphant, in Lackawanna County. Other approved applicants include Green Leaf Medicinal, LLC, and Whole Plants LLC, both of which are located in Saxton, PA.

After the first round of application, the state has approved 13 medical marijuana grower/processor permits. As a result, there are now 29 medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania. As a result, Pennsylvania is now the largest state-legalized MMJ industry in the country. The government’s new laws have created a thriving market and made medical marijuana accessible to more people.

Schedule of operations

The new state regulations will make it possible for medical marijuana growing businesses to expand their operations. A total of twelve growing licenses are available in Pennsylvania, and more than 1,000 companies are expected to apply for them. Shamokin Dam is a great location for a growing facility. It is surrounded by abundant land and can accommodate a large number of employees. The business plans to begin producing the marijuana in January 2020, and will ship it to 110 medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania.

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A part of the former Shamokin Dam coal power plant site is now being used to grow marijuana. It will be operated by the Massachusetts company Insa, and the state expects to sell the product to Pennsylvania dispensaries. The area already has a new natural gas power plant, which takes up less space than the coal plant but produces three times as much electricity. The business plans include ensuring that the area remains a safe and accessible place for residents.

Both the Parea BioSciences and INSA LLC marijuana growing facilities will operate in the south-central region of the state. The Shamokin Dam marijuana growing facility will be located on the same property as the new Northumberland County prison. Parea BioScience will be located on the grounds of the new Northumberland County prison. Both companies have been approved by the state health department to begin operation. The state expects to issue final permit applications this fall.

In the coming weeks, the new cannabis growing facility will be operating under strict regulations and the facility will employ about 25 people. The facility is expected to be operational for a year, with the first production taking place in July. In addition to the employees, the facility will offer workshops to residents and health care providers in the area. Additionally, it is expected to hire at least 25 full-time employees, with most of them being local residents.

Employment opportunities

A Massachusetts company is looking for applicants for a medical marijuana growing facility in Shamokin Dam. The company has already opened a medical marijuana dispensary in its home state. The company has proposed to build a 50,000 square foot greenhouse type structure in Shamokin Dam. The proposed marijuana growing facility will be located on the Sunbury Generation property. The deadline to apply for a state license is Thursday. The company is currently hiring for a growing team of approximately 40 people.

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The Pennsylvania Economic Development Agency has produced a promotional playbook detailing the qualities of the site and the types of businesses it could attract. The playbook describes the potential business for 219 acres along the Susquehanna River in Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania. Shamokin Dam is a small town in central Pennsylvania that once housed a coal-fired power plant. The coal-fired power plant produced electricity for over 60 years but was shut down in 2014.